Cocktail Bartenders That Will Amaze

Super talented bar team fully committed to transform your party into a great one!
The perfect addition for parties at home in Sydney or the office! Choose the cocktail service to fit your needs: cocktail bartenders that delight you with craft made to order cocktails or the flair bartender - the ones that give an amazing flair show.

Party Packages Sydney

All inclusive drinks packages, professional mixologists and entertaining flair bartenders!

House Party Bartenders


Sydney Bartenders provides top quality event cocktail bar services for hire for private parties at home or a location of your choice.

Enquire here about the All Inclusive Drinks Packages for the busy clients looking for a stress free party experience or the ever popular Bartender Hire by the hour package.

No matter the occasion, we deliver success without the usual stress! Our entertaining, professional and passionate cocktail bartenders are dedicated to making your party a huge hit.

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    Bar Services Rough Price List

    Birthday Parties

    hire a bartender

    Whether you need a refined service to compliment your birthday party at home or a complete bar setup, Sydney Bartenders will exceed your expectations.

    Experienced bartenders
    cocktail caterers

    Hen Parties

    pop up cocktail bars

    Hen party bartenders, the best Sydney has to offer. Our cocktail bartenders will take care of the Bride to be and will keep the girls glasses full at all times!

    cocktail packages
    fun bartenders

    House Parties

    themed mobile bars

    Sydney Bartenders are the cocktail caterers specialised in themed cocktail bars managed by our amazing bartenders - the perfect house party cocktail bar setup!

    exquisite cocktails
    professional mixologists